Chrysalis Thinkroom Curriculum

Chrysalis Thinkroom - Blended Learning Model For Schools in India

Bid farewell to classrooms and say hello to Thinkrooms!

ThinkRoom is a proven and transformative academic intervention for your school. This dynamic programme is powered by a robust support system that is committed to ensure your school's learning transformation while facilitating its overall growth.

ThinkRoom empowers schools through

  • Research-based pedagogy of Chrysalis
  • An incredible marketing and branding intervention programme
  • AI-driven advanced technology that ensures effective learning outcomes through streamlined teaching and assessment
  • Professional development of teachers
  • A holistic curriculum transformation

20 years of breathing life into our education system

Chrysalis is leading a fundamental reform in school education by challenging mediocre practices in the educational ecosystem.

The movement is propelled by 20 years of cutting-edge research and innovation, as well as a fearless, passionate team of 250 Chrysalians.

ThinkRoom, the game-changing transformation and growth programme for schools, has been implemented in over 1800+ schools across India.

For educational innovation, Chrysalis was chosen as the recipient of the prestigious ‘ET-NOW Game Changer' award amongst more than 63000 organisations.

We were recognised as the ‘Best Academic Innovative Curriculum’ at the 7th National Awards for Excellence in Education in 2017.

Thinkroom benefits

Blended Learning - Chrysalis Thinkroom

brand stature,
reach and scale

Chrysalis Thinkroom Education

improvement in
number admissions

Professional Development for Teachers.

Improvement in
teaching staffs’
skills and quality

Teacher retention satisfaction

Increased teacher
retention and

Chrysalis Thinking skills of Students

transformation in
students’ thinking

Chrysalis Thinkroom Learning

Improved student
engagement and
learning outcomes

Chrysalis Thinkroom Assessment Processes

Streamlined teaching
and assessment

chrysalis syllabus

Transformation of
textbooks into
engaging and
skill-building Studios

Thinkroom Parents

Improved parents’
awareness and
understanding of
their children

Schools associated with
Chrysalis Thinkroom

1800+ schools have ensured highest standards of education for their students through a partnership with Chrysalis Thinkroom


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